Dogs/Cats in urgent need of foster/adoption

Foster and Adoption

Dog Adoption Fees: $95  includes microchip spay/neuter and vaccinations

Cat Adoption Fees: $60  Ages 0-7 years old                                 

                                   $25 Ages 8 years and over .  These prices include vaccinations and spay/neuter.

We do have a foster program available here at Pet Adoption League. Some of our pets have a more difficult time here or have health issues that need more frequent supervision. Or sometimes we get older animals that just need a couch to live the rest of their days out on. If you are interested in fostering please come in to our shelter and fill out a form and we can start the foster process. You can also call our office if you have any questions.




Good News


Good news is where we share how many of our wonderful cats and dogs have been adopted out into their forever homes each month. We try to find the perfect family for our special fur babies.


Dogs: 9

Cats: 12

Happy Tails

Congrats Lennie on finding your forever home along with 2 new buddies


Boomer finally got his new forever home!