Owner Surrener

Owner surrender is when someone is unable to care for their pet and needs to surrender it to PAL. The fee for surrendering a dog is $50.00. Cat surrender fee is $30.00. Once the owner has filled out the surrender form and paid the fee, the animal becomes the property of PAL. It will then be vaccinated and spayed/neutered and can be placed into its new forever home.

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County Stray


A county stray is a dog or cat that was found in the county (outside the city limits). Gem county has no provisions for strays, so we step in and kennel the animal as long as we have space available. We charge $10 a night. PAL will hold the dog or cat for three nights and then it will become PAL property if not claimed. PAL will then vaccinate, spay/ neuter, and adopt the animal out with the dog or cat manager's approval.

City Impound


A city impound is a stray dog or cat that the Emmett City Police pick up in the city limits. PAL cannot release the animal to the owner. The owner must go to City Police office and pay the fine and an officer will meet the owner at PAL to release their pet to them.  If the dog or cat is not claimed in five nights, it will become the property of PAL and will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and adopted out with the dog or cat manager's approval.